Saturday, March 12, 2016


Speaking of having my long-awaited vacation, finally got the chance to go to Hatyai, Thailand with a few buddies which I took less than half a day to decide and tell my friends, JOM!

Accommodation was good, companions were awesome, and the best part was we didn't actually plan our entire journey before hand. We literary just plan on our schedule as we go along. Tried quite a few of the local delicacies, some were decent, some were just mehhh.

Here are two honorable mentions below..

 pretty dope coconut ice cream with frozen egg yolk.

Yes, EGG freaking yolk!


liked this pork / beef noodle, especially its broth! a 8.5/10

They say you're likely to get conned by Tuk Tuk driver in Thailand but I guess we were well prepared in terms of that. We only hope onto a Tuk Tuk whenever necessary and the fair had to be within, or 100 baht (to be divided by 4). And for that, we definitely did a loooooot of walking, like freaking 3-5km each day! But it was all good, walking around while navigating through google map, or asking around the locals with a lil bit of sign language, a lil bit of simple English and a lil bit of elementary Thai. The overall experience is all good!


Now, the next thing is to push myself out of the comfort zone and try going around by myself! That's definitely one of the things in my bucket list!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy New Year!

Its the year of Monkey peeps! And I still can't quite believe that it means I've stepped into the second round of my (Chinese) Zordiac cycle! Man, time really does fly.

Well, new year, same crap.. Nahhh just kidding, although part of the shitty things were still carried forward to this year from one way or another, but let's hope for a better year. In terms of anything, everything!

Haven't really updated about my new job that I got myself into a couple a months ago, and now its already the time where I'm about to leave the company (its because its a contract base job). Gotta admit that working in a renown toy company is definitely something special and fun. So finger crossed that I either get an extension of my current contract with more responsibilities given OR a conversion to become a permanent staff. If these two don't happen, then I'll most likely gonna go
收工过年。But of course I do have my backup plans ongoing already with a few interviews and all, so yea, hope all is well!!

Other than work, everything is pretty much the same... Oh wait, relationship status?! Nope, nothing changes for that aspect as well, Ha Ha :'(

Whatever it is, definitely hope for a better year ahead as I grow another year older, wiser ;)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Moving on..

It has almost been a month since the passing of my boy and as time goes by I am getting back on track, but there is no doubt that I still miss him very much especially when I see videos relating to dogs, or even some stray dogs by the road.

Haven't been home since a month ago and it is hard to imagine how should I control my emotion when I actually got back home to see where he has always been..

Benny boy, be good on the other side and just so you know that you will always have a place in our heart, gor gor misses you, yea? :')

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Benny, my boy, RIP.

It is never easy to lose someone precious in life, and today, I lost a special one who is more than just a pet dog, he's part of the family- Benny.

It's been 10 years and the day when he was introduced to the family was just like yesterday! Seeing you grow from a lil puppy that was always curious and getting into trouble, to an obedient and playful teenage, and finally to your older age when you were no longer that hyperactive.. I am really, really upset to have lost you in my life. :'(

So much memories between us, most of them are good ones which I will surely remember for the rest of my life. I just feel that I've not done my best to you when you were still around, and that I am really really sorry to not be able to be by your side just right before you went into your long sleep. Please forgive me on that, and I hope that you know that I love you very much as a pet, a friend, and a family member.

It broke my heart when I actually got to see how bad your condition was just 2 weeks ago, and I know that you were truly in pain, but mentally you're strong, as always. I feel very sorry for letting you to suffer for the past few weeks but I hope you understand that we did try our best to make you feel better.


You will definitely be missed and I really hope that you're in a better place now, no longer suffering from any form of pain..

And I will definitely miss saying this: "Benny Boy, Good boy!!!"

I love you, boy... :')

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

BIrthday Surprise: Success

So me and my bro decided to secretly plan a lil birthday surprise for my dad, of course, with the help from my mom as well.

This was the first time for us to have such a surprising celebration and we were pretty close in having our plan ruined when mom accidentally slipped her tongue a bit when she was having a conversation with dad just a day before.

Oh well, everything went well according to plan and dad was certainly caught off guard when me and my bro just pop out from the passenger's seat behind to surprise him after he went up to mom's car for lunch.

Glad that he enjoyed his birthday dinner and also the fact that we family get to spend some quality time back in our own home in Kelantan, which has really been a while..

Last but not least...

Happy birthday, my man, my superman! May you be blessed with good health and be showered with positivity around!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Let's be thankful.

It was just last week when I was in SS2 to have our lunch. We drove there, parked our car and only came to realize that we did not have any coins for the parking ticket machines- Yes, non of us had.

So then dad suggested that I across the convenient store to buy something in order to get some change. Instead of buying something, I tried asking a few person along the way while I was walking towards the store before I finally approached an Indian guard officer of a jewelry shop.

I asked him for coins in change for my RM1 note, he stood up, got into his pocket and took out his wallet that looks pretty old. My heart instantly sank when he actually opened it up and dug out a few coins for me in exchange. I could clearly see that he had nothing much in his wallet, probably just a few ringgits worth of coins as there wasn't any notes. He then passed it to me, and smiled.

What I am trying to share is that, we all have our very own problem, that is for sure. Be it relationship, financial, family or whatever not. The thing is, there is surely someone out there that is going through a tougher life. To be frank, I still do complains a lot but I am really, truly, trying my very best to learn to be thankful of what I had/am having...

And you know what? I am still feeling bad because I actually wanted to buy him something, which I ended up doing nothing just because I thought it would be embarrassing. ughh

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Customer Service

Was in the mamak earlier and I thought of only having my makan, without any drinks to go along. So there I sat myself down and started eating. Then came this 'boss' with a glass of warm plain water serving to my table and that got me looking at him at awe because to be honest, I didn't expect this from a mamak stall (NOT trying be atas, but yea)

He then replied...

"It's free, boss C: (with a smile on his face)"

You see, sometimes a simple gesture like this goes a long long way. It could just be as simple one like a glass of water or even greeting your customers in a sincere way, or even putting a smile on your face whenever you see someone!

I myself have been in the customer service line, although I may not be dealing with customer face2face, but over the phone, it still has an impact from one way or another. Frankly, I feel that how front-liners handle customer may very well affect the business of a company/restaurants, etc..

So, for those who are doing it well, keep it up! While for those who are yet to practice, make it right!!